There are many amazing and unique places to live throughout the country. Some towns are historically rich, others are bustling with celebrities. You can find towns that are more relaxed and calming, while others are lively and very eventful. With so many different towns and cities scattered across the US, it should be easy for people to find the perfect place for them to live.

But it is hard to know what a town has to offer. Even when visiting different places, you may not get the full feel and cultural experience that you would hope to get. One town that has a lot to offer but may go unnoticed is Red Bank, New Jersey. This artsy and hip place may seem like a small riverfront town, but it is the perfect location for those who love the art and entertainment scene.

Red Bank is a great place to call home, and in this blog, we are going to give you some reasons why. If you are looking for a new home or a vacation home in this culturally rich area, let Shore Homes Shirvanian Realty help. Christine Stout, the realtor, has lived in central New Jersey for more than 15 years, giving her knowledge about the surrounding areas. She can help you find the perfect area for you and your family, as well as a home that will fit all of your needs.

Red Bank is only one of the culturally rich areas in this part on New Jersey, you can reach other amazing areas with a short and simple drive. Towns like Fair Haven and Rumson are a few minutes away and offer historical and upscale neighborhoods that you will love visiting!

While there are many places in New Jersey that offer historical, artistic, and unique backgrounds, we are focusing on Red Bank today! Keep reading to learn more about everything there is to do in this artsy town.

The Art

As we already mentioned, Red Bank is full of art and entertainment. If you are a person who loves having a rich art scene in the area you live, then you have found your next home! There are many different art galleries, theaters, and studios throughout this smaller town, and you can see them all here!

In an article from New Jersey 101.5, they talk about the coolest things to do in the town of Red Bank. This list features two theaters and three art galleries, proving the Red Bank is known for its art and entertainment. One of the theaters mentioned is also a historical landmark in Red Back. The Count Basie Theater, which was opened in 1926, is one of the nation’s most famous performing arts centers. Big names have performed at this theaters, everyone from Bruce Springsteen and Ringo Starr to William J. “Count” Basie. Performers have gushed about the Basie, saying it is one of the best sounding places in the country. Seeing a concert at this beloved theater is a special experience that you can enjoy time after time if you make Red Bank you home. Learn more about the history of The Count Basie Theater and start planning your next concert outing!

The Art Alliance Studio & Gallery is another art presence in the town that actually started in the Count Basie Theater before moving to a new location. This gallery was founded in 1978 and has grown to over 300 members. This art gallery showcases traditional and non-traditional art—sculptures, paintings, drawings, photography, fiber, and digital art are all on display. This gallery promotes the visual arts and offers local artists studio, exhibition, and workspace for their work. You never know what you will find displayed on the walls in this art gallery, making it a fun and unique place to hang out, enjoy some local art, and find new interests. Check out some of the artist galleries for a sneak peak of the things you will find in this gallery.

JBJ Soul Kitchen

Jon Bon Jovi is more than just a rocker. He opened a restaurant in Red Bank that is completely unique from anything you have ever experienced. The restaurant, called Soul Kitchen, is a non-profit community restaurant. It is designed to help feed people who can’t afford to eat out, allowing them to pay with donations or volunteer to pay for their meal. An hour of volunteering can earn them a dining certificate which can feed them and up to four family members. This is a unique place that help people out, spread positive vibes throughout the community. The diner can donate to pay for their meal and, if they can, donate more to pay for their neighbor’s meal. This is one place in Red Bank that stands out from the rest of the country, helping to restore our faith in humanity and rockstars.

These are only a few of the many place in Red Bank that make this town stand out. If you are interested after reading about these three places, start looking for your new home! Contact Shore Homes today to get started on the move to your new home.